We bet you $500 you are losing money on your ads.

If our media buying experts can’t show you how to generate more leads/sales cheaper, we will send you $500 for wasting your time.

We developed a system that became part of our 9 Figure Framework which allows us to consistently drive an ROI from our ad management endeavors. Managing tens of millions of dollars in ad spend has granted us the ability to cut our teeth on scaling profitable campaigns in the trenches and gather empirical data on what really works.

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We've seen countless ways advertising campaigns lose money and we'll use our expertise to make sure yours don't.

We do a few things different from other ad buyers.

9 Figure Case Study
No matter the size of your spend, we have experience to help you improve your campaigns.

Besides possessing confidence in our system that enables us to offer $500 to companies accounts who we cannot improve, there are some mechanic differentials in how we buy media.

No matter the platform we are buying media on, we start with a customer avatar process that is extremely unique to Growth Foundry.

Most teams build avatars primarily on demographics and some savvy marketers look at psychographics or actual search behavior. We do those things but also build client empathy maps to ensure congruent messaging, offers, and content is delivered to the right person at just the right time.

Our onboarding process consists of a full media planning ecosystem being created complete with interviews with your clients/customers and a deep dive into your current product, offerings, and content.

An A-Z inventory of what marketing assets you possess and what you will need is developed. This plan is created with your team, our content marketing specialists, designers, and media buyers.

These are teams responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue generation for our multi-billion dollar net worth client portfolio. You will be working with veterans in the digital marketing world.

When we get the media plan approved and begin, one of the secrets we don’t care about sharing is our ability to rapidly test, optimize, and prepare your campaign for scale. Our media buyers will get busy implementing our 4x4 method.

Our onboarding process consists of a full media planning ecosystem being created complete with interviews with your clients/customers and a deep dive into your current product, offerings, and content.

This is where ad groups are made in clusters of four with each of them containing four ad variations. This allows us to find winners exponentially faster without slowly testing and bleeding ad budget for months before discovering the winners. We move fast. You will never bleed marketing dollars with us. We market our own services and businesses and treat yours like ours. No wasted spend, only ROI positive activities.

There are a plethora of smaller details we will refine. Which media to create or use and the frequency in which it should be served and updated. Landing page and funnel tweaks and optimizations.

Adwords Case Study 1
Legal Adwords Campaign #1
Adwords Case Study 2
Legal Adwords Campaign #2

We are true marketing consultants, true partners in your success.

Many times when it comes time to scale winning campaigns or throttle others for further refinement and testing, mistakes are made. Some that can cripple your entire media buying efforts.

The experts at Growth Foundry have manufactured a way to ensure scaling is steady and profitable.

Our ABS method (Applied Behavior Science) records interactions and engagements with your content and marketing assets and distributes additional content and ads to them to further their conversion journey.

Everything is thought out and implemented with surgical precision.

We blend your media buying efforts seamlessly into your marketing automation so your ad activity acts as an arm, an embodied extension of the rest of your marketing and brand.

So, again, I ask you…

Want to make a bet? I bet $500 of my cold hard cash that we can save you money on your current media buying endeavors. No risk for you. You either get a transparent blueprint on how we would save you the money or you win the bet and get paid.

It sounds like a win-win for you.

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Our Media Buying Team's Specialties

FB Ads

Facebook Ads

Facebook allows brands and businesses to reach their exact demographics on both and Instagram. Our team has designed, developed and executed large scale Facebook ad campaigns across a variety of industries and goal types.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Originally called AdWords, Google Ads offers advertisers the opportunity to get highly targeted traffic directly from Google Search.

Youtube Ads

YouTube Ads

Youtube Ads allows you to reach potential customers while they are watching video content relevant to your business or offer.

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Native Ads

Native ads allow for you to create advertisements that match the look and feel of the platform(s) that the ad is seen by visitors on. Native advertising campaigns done effectively can yield huge returns.

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Remarketing campaigns are the cornerstone of our media buying. We remarket visitors that have interacted with your brand or content and engage them further down the funnel when they are closer to a purchasing decision.

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The professional social media network is the perfect place to deliver your message to a highly targeted audience. Over the years, LinkedIn has added a plethora of advertising functionality that we'll help you leverage.

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