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Managing tens of millions per dollars in profitable ad spend has allowed us to develop systems and guarantees that make Growth Foundry stand out as a great white shark in a sea full of flounder.

If you are currently running Google Adwords, we guarantee we will find ways to save you money or we will pay you $500

Once you take us up on this free, no obligation offer, spend a moment reading the page and we will walk you through what makes us so confident in our services that we are paying out of pocket to those we cannot help

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Building On Steroids

Our onboarding process is atypical. We start with analyzing your current landing pages and funnel, then our conversion optimization experts provide feedback and suggest changes to based the on best practice data we've gathered over years of high performance PPC campaign optimizations.

Parallel with those efforts we will perform our customer mapping process where we work with you and potentially existing clients/customers to create a customer avatar that goes beyond demographics. We ensure we know exactly what your users want to see and when in their buying journey they need to see it in order to create a conversion.

Proprietary Campaign Building

After finalizing initial setup we check for message congruency across ads, landing pages, and all brand assets so we create a seamless conversion process. We deploy a proprietary 4x4 method of ad setup that allows us to gather data quickly and identify winning campaigns quickly. Setting up a pay per click campaign that can generate leads/sales isn’t rocket science, but maintaining profitable results indefinitely requires a proper maintenance plan.

When Good isn’t Good Enough

Most agencies strive to provide the minimum needed satisfaction to their client. The minimum effort required to ensure the monthly billing continues and the client touchpoints are low. They follow this trend for 6 months or 9 months, however long it takes for the client to realize they could be doing better so they shop around and switch companies.

Our philosophy is to invest heavily into our client campaigns and ensure their ROI because most of our engagements last for multiple years. We have clients that have been on board with us for almost a decade. That’s where we achieve maximum profitability, from multiple year engagements.

We do this by making sure your PPC campaigns are cutting edge. Our blended team of conversion rate optimization specialists, developers, and media buying mechanics work in unison to constantly look for improvements.

Reporting Done Like We Care

Do you care how much a click costs? Maybe. What if your cheapest clicks are your most expensive customers to convert? What if they have the largest churn percentage out of any marketing channel? How would we feel if you are not profitable at all even though the front end vanity metrics look good?

Our world class reporting allows us to integrate and track multiple marketing channels and perform true client/customer attribution. The Growth Foundry team obsesses over getting feedback data on your macro conversions so we can use that to constantly optimize and improve.

When we sit down to discuss your campaign performance we won’t forget to report your cost per clicks and other metrics that most certainly can be important, but we also will work with your company to track the macro KPIs that determine true profitability on each ad set.