Case Study: HVAC Company in NM Sees 450% Increase in Calls and 846% Boost in Clicks within First 90 Days of Campaign

Posted on May 23, 2024
by Matthew Adams

One Page Case Study: HVAC Company in NM Sees 407% Increase in Calls and 936% Boost in Clicks within First 90 Days of Campaign 👇
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New Mexico HVAC Company Deploys Growth Foundry’s Local Maps Expansion System & Gains

At Growth Foundry, we’re thrilled to share the extraordinary success of an HVAC company in New Mexico that leveraged our Jobs Foundry System to achieve remarkable growth in 90 days.

Utilizing our “data-first” local SEO techniques, part of the Local Maps Expansion System, we have successfully made our client the top search result for “HVAC Contractor” in Las Cruces. Our client now stands out for the 70% of Google users who primarily use the map pack to find plumbing services.

Being visible over a broader area on Google Maps has positioned this HVAC Company in Las Cruces, NM at the forefront of local choices. It’s a well-known fact that most people turn to the Maps Section on Google for easy access to reviews, contact details, directions, and website links.

Customers selecting a business from the map pack organically trust they are choosing “the best” local business, leading to a significant increase in our client’s closing ratio because of:

  • High intent – they are actively searching for the service
  • Organic trust – in their choice as the best business, made based on map pack selection
  • Exclusive leads – not shared with multiple contractors, no “race to the bottom”

By partnering with Growth Foundry, our client could move away from purchasing low-quality “pay per lead” calls from services like Home Advisor & Angi’s, eliminating the need to pay for unreliable leads and incorrect contacts. All while avoiding the “race to the bottom” on price because our client has become the local authority when property owners need an HVAC Company in the local area.

Project Overview: “AC Repair Near Me” “HVAC Company Las Cruces”

Objective – Enhance high-intent customer leads that outperform PPC and purchased pay-per-lead services by achieving top rankings in Google Local Maps.

Population – 113,888

Competition Intensity – High Competition

Strategy Deployed – Data-First Local SEO Optimization

The Challenge: Dominating Google Maps for Plumbing Searches in South Florida

Our client faced significant challenges in lead generation and business growth due to limited search engine visibility. Growth Foundry was approached to enhance their online presence and attract more local customers.

Their goal was to dominate the Google “Map Pack” for high-intent HVAC searches, generating leads that believe they are choosing the top company in their area. This approach aimed to reduce reliance on costly PPC campaigns and generate more valuable inquiries, moving away from inefficient lead sources like Angi’s and Home Advisor.

Growth Foundry’s Local SEO Approach for HVAC Companies

To dominate the search results for “HVAC services in New Mexico,” we implemented a comprehensive local SEO strategy grounded in our “Data-First” methodology.

By leveraging data from thousands of successful campaigns, we crafted an effective ranking strategy. Analyzing our client’s location, website, and competitors, we devised a plan with a high success rate in dominating Google Local Map Packs across their service area.

The Outcome: 450% Increase of HIGH Quality Calls in 90 Days

Our “Data-First” local SEO strategy within the Jobs Foundry System has consistently placed our client at the top of search results for “HVAC services in New Mexico.” This enhanced online visibility has significantly increased organic traffic, phone inquiries, and high-quality leads from the Google Local Map Pack, dramatically improving our client’s closing ratio.

  • No more chasing leads only to be ghosted.
  • No more “race to the bottom” on pricing.
  • No more paying for a lead only to see 5 other trucks show up at the same time.
  • No more refund requests to Home Advisor & Angi only to be denied.

Conclusion 👇

Investing in dominating the Google Local Map Pack is a highly effective strategy for local businesses. A significant portion of local home service searches head straight to the “Map Pack.” Your business could be the first they see.

Improved local visibility also boosts other marketing efforts and enhances referrals, establishing you as a local authority.

The Jobs Foundry System is a proven solution for business growth! Ready to transform your business? Let’s discuss implementing the Jobs Foundry System for you – schedule a call! 👇

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